Strength training for fibromyalgia

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A lot of our clients suffer from Fibromyalgia, they are often fearful of training and strengthening due to pain responses they have had to various stimuli.

This systematic review has demonstrated when given graduated strengthening really good benefits and NO increase in pain. If you have had a painful response you may have not applied the correct amount of exercise or had the right guidance around what would work best for you.

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Dynamic vs Static Stretches

Repost from Physio Network.

People ask all the time what is the best way to stretch.

Dynamic stretches- the ones where you move your body whilst stretching (think high knees or leg swings)

These stretches do not impede performance like static stretches do.

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Remedial Massage Services

Here are Pilbara Physio we are excited to have Abbie join the team. Abbie is a Remedial Massage Therapist who has recently moved to perth. If you want to understand what she can offer and the different types of treatments… please read on!

Unsure what  massage style to book in for? Hopefully this helps you! And if you are still unsure then please head to our contact page and send us a message. Also, if you have any medical conditions then it is good to let us know or double check with the therapist, as sometimes this can alter the type of treatment that you may receive.

Remedial Massage

This is a massage that incorporates a lot of the different techniques and puts it all together into one massage. This varies for each person and also if there are any medical conditions that apply to you. You will negotiate with your therapist the treatment that you will receive, and the therapist will use a variety of the different tools that they know. For example, it could be a bit of a mix between Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, with some Trigger Points, stretches and a little bit of joint mobilization. The combination of different techniques is what makes it a Remedial Massage.

Some health cover allows you to claim back on your treatment sessions, and this is the massage that allows you to do this.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

When people think of a massage, then this is generally the idea that they think of. We use a Swedish technique to massage and relax the whole body, by rubbing the muscles with multiple long guides to relieve tension and to promote blood circulation. Swedish Massage is also incredibly good for decreasing muscle toxins, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, and also helping with flexibility by reducing the tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

 A Deep Tissue massage is very similar to a Swedish Massage, but we are beginning to work a lot deeper in order to release any chronic tension or pain that may be there. We aim to focus on the deeper layers of the muscles, along with the fascia and tendons. A Deep Tissue Massage still releases oxytocin and serotonin in the body which means that it is still aimed at reducing stress levels, and promoting circulation.


Reflexology is purely a massage based on the feet to promote wellness and a sense of well-being throughout the rest of the body. It is based on the pressure and reflex points that correspond to different areas, structures and organs throughout the body and with an end feel of completeness and stress free relaxation.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is primarily aimed to help athletes before, during and after an event or training session. It helps to prevent injuries or the healing of injuries, and to help with flexibility as well. It is not really a relaxing form of massage, and is very commonly used for a quick 15-20 minutes pre-warm up before an event to optimize performance or straight after an event to help release the muscle tension.

Myofascial Cupping

This is a very specific technique that is unique and very high on demand. This technique lifts and separates soft tissue and aims to have a positive effect on the soft tissue. Its main aim is to provide nutrient rich blood to certain areas in order to improve circulation and help stretch the muscle tissue. 

This can be incorporated into your treatment session for an extra cost, or can be done as a completely separate session entirely.